Agent Kyd Miller Appreciation Thread

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Agent Kyd Miller Appreciation Thread

Post by Cassie on Fri 2 Jun 2017 - 14:12

One of the best parts about the 2016 Event Series was Robbie Amell as Agent Kyd Miller! I swear, I hate that he was only in those bad Carter episodes, he deserved to be in every single episode of that Event Series! I'm a big Doggett fan and since RP doesn't have a desire to return to TXF (yay! I don't want to see his character destroyed by Carter as he's done with M&S), Agent Miller is like my new John Doggett.

I think he won me over when we found out he understands (speaks?) Arabic, and that he's a Marine. The Arabic skills appeal to my love for foreign languages, and the Marine thing appeals to my liking of military characters (like Doggett and Skinner).

Plus he's adorable/cute!


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