FRVS is coming back!

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FRVS is coming back!

Post by Fox & Rat on Mon 8 May 2017 - 3:05

FRVS will be coming back with an 11th season in Fall 2017!

That's right! Apparently there are a few more stories we would like to share with you in the world of "Fox & Rat"! The unofficial premiere date is slated for Saturday, 2 September 2017.

There's not much more we can share with you all at the moment about the upcoming season, we're busy plotting out what will be the very final season of FRVS. Keep an eye on the official FRVS website for upcoming interviews with Cassie, and Kristi about the upcoming season, it should be up and ready to read after the first of the year.

And do make sure to update your bookmarks since FRVS's website has moved since it was last on the brink of internet extinction (we were able to find a host for the site!).

Give us a holla back if you're excited about the upcoming FRVS season 11!

Love & Friendship Conquers All!

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