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FRVS Forum Rules

Post by Fox & Rat on Mon 8 May 2017 - 1:22

FRVS Forum Rules
Updated: 8 May 2017

NOTE: The forum rules may change if necessary. Any changes will be edited into this initial post, and we will reply to this thread to bring them to your attention.

If you ever need to ask us a question, or report anything on the forum, please send an email to:

General Forum Rules

- Treat other members with respect.
- Try to keep swearing to a minimum.
- We will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour such as flaming, stalking, bashing.
- Political discussions are not allowed on the FRVS Forum.
- Take part in discussions, this is a discussion forum, not a lurking forum.
- Member registrations with a zero post count will be purged after one month of inactivity.
- Member registrations which have never logged onto the forum will be purged after one month of inactivity.
- Do not post spam/advertising messages for things like sunglasses, or medications.
- Do not post tabloid images or news articles.
- Do not post paparazzi photographs or videos.
- Do not discuss the personal lives (gossip, rumors, etc.) of any celebrity.

FRVSers OT Chat Lounge
The FRVSers OT Chat Lounge is the discussion folder for non-FRVS topics. You may talk about current events, TV shows, movies, music, books, sports, and celebrities in here. We even have a "Randomness" discussion thread where you can chat with other members of the forum about life in general, and whatever is on your mind.

- If you maintain a website of your own, feel free to create a single thread to post your updates to.

The X-Files
This section of the FRVS Forum is where you can discuss the original "The X-Files" series. We know that readers of FRVS are also fans of TXF and we need to have a place to discuss that series and its movies.

- There are discussion folders within this section, please make sure that the topic you are posting is posted to the appropriate folder.

- "Snogger" (aka "Gillovny") and other such real life people relationships are not to be discussed.

- Do not troll discussion threads of characters or relationships that you do not like.

"Fox & Rat" Virtual Series
This section of the forum is for readers of FRVS to discuss the episodes, movies, story arcs, characters, and relationships of FRVS. Announcements of FRVS website updates, and new episodes will be posted in this section.

- FRVS is coming back in September 2017 with a brand new season 11 (and in January 2018 with a third movie), so we have created two discussion folders specifically for the sharing of spoilers. Do NOT read the threads in these folders if you do not want to be spoiled. Topic subjects will not contain spoilers.

- Feel free to leave feedback on any episodes of FRVS, we love to get both positive, and constructive criticism from our readers.

Goofy Spooky
Goofy Spooky was the original FRVS Forum back in FRVS's formative years. It was based on interacting with the characters of FRVS. Feel free to drop in and chat with Mulder, Krycek, and the rest of the FRVS gang. Even start your own discussion thread! Understand that the characters you chat with are not the same characters that you know from "The X-Files" series, they are the characterizations from "Fox & Rat" Virtual Series.

Discussions in the Goofy Spooky section will contain spoilers for the FRVS series as a whole.

Characters available to interact with are:

Fox Mulder
Alex Krycek
Dana (Scully) Doggett
John Doggett
Walter Skinner
Marita Covarrubias
Monica Reyes
Knowle Rohrer
Charles Scully
Shannon McMahon
Leyla Harrison
Maria Mulder
Katie Doggett
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