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Fox & Alex and...

Post by Fox & Rat on Mon 8 May 2017 - 3:24

Back in September of 2010 we wrote a new episode of FRVS called "Fox & Alex and The Giant Potato." We have the intention of writing more short stories/episodes whose episode titles begin with "Fox & Alex and..." such as:

Fox & Alex and The Car's In Skinner's Office
Fox & Alex and The Swirlie Club
Fox & Alex and The Galaxy Far, Far Away
Fox & Alex and The Midnight Boo Scare
Fox & Alex and The Bigfoot Adventure
Fox & Alex and Oh My Golly Gosh, Did They Just Do That?!

What "Fox & Alex and..." type stories would you like to see exist in the world of FRVS? Reply with a few of your own "Fox & Alex and..." episode titles and maybe one day they will be written!
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